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Hello GFresh customers

First of all... We would like to thank everyone who has supported GFresh in any capacity!!  We really appreciate it!  Your support is our biggest motivations to keep striving to make GFresh the number one meal prep company in Arkansas!  With the NEW year comes NEW things popping off at GFresh! Please note the following:

  • Our base price for meals will be $10 dollars or more depending on the ingredients in meal!

  • More high quality premium Food!

  • You NOW can add extra protein on your order through website! (High protein diet)

  • GFresh is now offering custom ordering services (How does it work?) - Client will call GFresh stating they want to make a custom order! We'll set up a time to call to discuss your meal plan and price of order! (Prices base off order)

With the year just stating... We are excited about what's NEW to come to GFresh.  We will continue to strive to meet the needs of every individual who trust GFresh to help them start living a healthy lifestyle!!! 


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G. Fresh Meal Prep is a meal prepping service out of Little Rock, Arkansas that focuses on changing your eating habits to reflect your weight goals. All our meals are made with 100% fresh ingredients, guaranteed.


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